April Showers

Last week this new web site for Cottage Farm went live with our grateful thanks to Artwork Creative for their valuable input. I would like all visitors both past and present to email testimonials for me to add to the relevant page along with any pictures you have for the gallery.

The weather yesterday was not really April showers but over the weekend we had the total range of British weather, sun, rain, hail stones and snow along with a vicious easterly wind. Today the sun is glorious and warm giving the daffodils an opportunity to raise their heads again. We have marveled at their resilience and how long they have lasted, we picked our first daffodil on Christmas day and they are now joined by bluebells and tulips.
The grass has also started to grow and although mowing can be tedious before the year is out the wonderful smell of newly cut grass is better than anything bottled on the fragrance counter of a high street shop.
The Hay festival is just six weeks away and although we are fully booked we would love to see you before or after the event. Talking of events please check out my events page link which gives a choice of things to do and places to visit in Herefordshire and over the borders into Wales, which can be incorporated with a stay at Cottage Farm in this 'time forgotten' rural landscape.

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