Spring has arrived

Spring has arrived at Cottage Farm and the daffodils are out for St David's day. Lambs have started to appear in the surrounding fields and the first signs of blossom and fresh green growth are all around us. The lawns were cut for the first time about a fortnight ago and the cold of the last few days has stopped them growing too fast but I'm sure the warmth today will see us revving the lawn mower up again soon.
The chickens and ducks had a quiet spell around Christmas but have started laying well again now. We eagerly await the Goose eggs to appear in their Tudor House of a morning, they only lay during the spring, one of these for breakfast would probably be the equivalent of 3to 4 boiled chicken eggs whereas a duck egg is about 1 and 1/2 to 2 chicken eggs.
Although the nights are lengthening twilight appears around 6pm and the donkey will be calling for her carrots as we go to shut the  'Middlewood Ark' away for the night.

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